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   Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do voice email and audio postcard recipients need to have QuickVoice or Audio Postcard apps to play back voice mails?
    No. Both QuickVoice emails and Audio Postcards are created in standard media formats. QuickVoice emails created on the Mac use QuickTime format and the Windows version uses WAV format. Audio Postcard for both the Mac and Windows use QuickTime format. The QuickTime players for Windows and Mac can be downloaded for free at
  • Is QuickVoice and Audio Postcard available for both the Windows and Mac platforms?
    Yes. QuickVoice and Audio Postcard are available for both Windows and Macintosh.
  • Once I've completed my purchase how will I receive my software?
    As soon as your order is received you will receive a confirmation email, which will include your software registration code and instructions on how to download. In most cases you will be up and running within minutes.
  • What are the system requirements?  
    Our products are not very processor intensive therefore even minimal configurations will yield excellent results. You are can even use other applications such as word processor while recording. And, of course you shoud have a microphone.

nFinity Products:


Award winning software featuring: digital voice recorder, voice email, voice stickies and CD quality stereo recording.  More

udio Postcard
Send digital pictures over the Internet with embedded voice messages and custom titling. Great for family, friends, and business use.  More 

uickVoice Windows!
Windows users, we've heard you and responded with a Windows version of QuickVoice.  Click here for more



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