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What our customers are saying:

  • I run a small Apple dealership in the UK and just discovered your application. How nice it is!  Recommending it to all of my customers.  - Steve, UK.

  • Go for it! This is the voice recording app you've been waiting for.  - Christian, Version Tracker Post.

  • Aussitot essaye, aussitot achete! Merci!! meaning - - tried it, bought it! Thank You!! - Robert from Wanadoo, France.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this and making it available. This is one I hope that Apple licenses from you  - Brad, Phoenix, Az

  •  This Is 2 KOOL! Now I can leave messages for my family "on" my computer - Or "Send" them Voice Messages. I Also have a Jewelry Web Business - I can Send My Customers "Voice" Greetings or Instructions. I JUST LOVE IT!!  - Deborah

  • I just purchased this program and I love it!  - Rich Strong.

  • Thanks for such great service. That defines great organizations. Never lose it!  - David, Earthlink

  • Thanks for this product. I'm dyslectic and sending a text email can take as long as 30 or 40 minutes. QuickVoice is a great tool for me.  - Dave

  • This application is great for those of us who are keyboard challenged. Thank You!

  • Easy to use. Very simple interface. Used it to record a one hour meeting, then emailed it to everyone who was at the meeting. Also, I needed to ask the author a question, and he responded very quickly . . . it's been well worth the money."  - Aftershok1

  • "Outstanding; just too cool. I sent my first voice mail in 30 seconds."   - Pale Rider

  • "Very cool! Nice interface, great sound."  - joolsca

  • "Whoa, this one rocks! This is what my microphone has been waiting for!"  - David Cricket

  • MacGeneration [4.5 out of 5]"Quick Voice features a nicely designed interface making it easy to use. It saves precious time by eliminating the need to write things down. Its reasonable price puts it at the disposal of all buyers."

  • The most reliable, full-function recording application ever.  - Eric at Cnet.

  • Great recorder . . . nice to send voice email.  - Mike at Cnet.

  • What cool software! You guys should approach Steve Jobs to have him include it with the new Jaguar OS . . . Apple users would love it."  - Rick, New Zealand

  • This is the best software I’ve found on-line!  - Connie, ID

  • Congratulations on a great product. Very cool. You are sure to do well.   - Dave, IA

  •  Keep it coming! I’m looking forward to future upgrades.  - Nelson, CA

  • Thank You!  - Francais, Canada

  • I love using QuickVoice.  - David, OK.

  • Great Product.  - Tim, OH

  • AWESOME!  - Gert, Amsterdam

  • Flippn' heck mate, AWESOME!  - from way down - New Zealand

 nFinity Products


Award winning software includes: digital voice recorder, voice email, audio stickies and CD quality stereo recording.  More

udio Postcard
Send your digital pictures over the Internet complete with voice messages. Great for family, friends, and business use. More


uickVoice for Windows!
Windows users, we've heard you and responded with a Windows version of QuickVoice.  More




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