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   Audio Postcard    1.0.2


Product Description

With Audio Postcard you will easily create and send custom digital postcards over the Internet complete with embedded audio messages, custom titles, and borders. Works in conjunction with your digital photo library including iPhoto on the Mac and My Pictures folder on Windows. Imagine being on vacation and sending super cool audio postcards to your friends and family.

Uisng our innovative and easy to use interface design you will be able to create and send your first Audio Postcard in just minutes. It's that easy to use. The entire process is accomplished in just 4-Easy Steps:

    Step 1.  Drag photos into position.

    Step 2.  Record your voice message.

    Step 3.  Add border and title.

    Step 4.  Press "Send".


Ideal for corresponding with family, friends, and business associates!

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or Windows, Mac, iPhone!
Products are available for either Windows or Macintosh operating systems and QuickVoice is also available for the iPhone.




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